The SecuReSeal is a reusable indicative seal. The system works mechanically, without batteries and lasts for more than 50.000 operations.

When the cable is closed, a random 5-digit number is automatically generated, this number disappears when the cable is disconnected.

The SecuReSeal has been developed for sealing trucks that have to be sealed several times a day, for example trucks that supply stores.

The SecuReLoc works the same as the SecuReSeal. This variant can only be opened with a key.


Advantages of the SecuReSeal and SecuReLoc:

  • Works without batteries. Therefore, no need to have the truck out of service because of battery change
  • Sustainable operation
  • Easy to install
  • In combination with SecuReLogger a full audit is automatically generated
  • Guaranteed reliability, more than 50.000 operations

To achieve the best result, following a good procedure is important, we would like to advise you on this.