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Securing Airlines & Airports

Within the Airline Industry, there are many applications to use a security seal solution.

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Security Seals for Pharmaceuticals

Securing the pharmaceuticals requires the use of highly tamper evident security solutions.

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Securing Road & Rail Transport

Mega Fortris supplies all major transportation companies today.


Securing Financial Services

Mega Fortris assist the Cash and Transit Industry in transporting banknotes, coins, bulk cash, diamonds, non-personalised smart cards, non-personalised passports and other valuables in a safe manner.

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Securing the Retail Industry

Mega Fortris has various solutions for the retailing industry.

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Securing Food and Agriculture

We have a large range of food grade plastic security seals.

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Securing Chemical and Lubricants

The transportation and blending of lubricants and chemicals requires specialised services, which our customers are very capable of handling.

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Securing Postal and Courier Services

Mega Fortris supplies all major courier services and many local postal services worldwide.

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Securing the Shipping Industry

We supply six of the world’s top 10 biggest shipping lines.

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Security Seals for Customs & Government

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