Secure Your Cargo Through The Logistics Chain

Mega Fortris Europe offers wide range of load secure products to protect goods during transit. Our products are designed and produced in accordance with valid international standards and aimed to be used for different kinds of load carriers like trucks, ISO containers, railway wagons, flat racks and ships. To prevent cargo damages and to ensure that the transported goods will arrive in safe condition; several factors needs to be taken into considerations such as:

  • – What is the nature of the specific goods that has been shipped?
  • – How is the goods being packed (or not packed)?
  • – What mode of transport will the goods be sent on?

Our experienced team within Mega Fortris Europe is keen to assist you with questions like the above ones. Mega Fortris also keeps a good relation and dialogue with authorized specialists within the wide cargo securing field.

At Mega Fortris, we believe a secured transportation of the cargo is paramount through the whole chain and which can only be achieved by using the right products and having a good understanding of our customer needs.

Please take the opportunity to explore our website and find useful information under this section like technical datasheets, instruction movies, links and others for your usage.

shipping container port with road transport
ship carrier docking