MEGA-APP Global Security Seal Mobile Application

The Mega-App mobile application from Mega Fortris, is a cost-effective and user-friendly smart phone-based software solution that offers a robust chain of custody tracking through the automatic scanning and recording of barcodes on security seals.

Mega-App tablet and phone
Mega-App Login screen

Chain of Custody Tracking Software

Best Seller

MEGA-APP offers the same chain of custody tracking security benefits as RFID, but without the infrastructure costs.

Cost Effective Solution

Smartphones are universally used and MEGA APP is supported on both iOS and Android, which makes implementing MEGA-APP easy and inexpensive.

Easy To Use

The Software application itself is extremely easy to use, with automatic scanning and recording of all relevant seal information, including seal number, Google location (GPS) details and time.

Reasons to use Mega-App

  • Mega-APP offers immediate, real-time reporting of your assets.
  • Mega-APP is available with zero hardware or infrastructure costs and offers you 100% immediate control of your users.
  • Mega-APP is 100% available to all Mega Fortris customers.
  • Mega Fortris continues in offering our clients not just a full range
Mega-App user downloads the app

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