How to prevent goods damaged during transport


How to prevent goods damaged during transport

Everyday huge values are being damaged due to lack of efficient and correct securing of goods

during transit. There are several reasons for this and one of them identified is actually that many

companies still is not prioritizing this workingprocess which actually is quite strange considering that

the value of the shipped goods actually have driven all the costs already in the company and is set to

finally generate the revenues for the very same.

Mega Fortris Group is an active partner in helping out companies in different industries informing

them about what legal protocols exists, securing their valuable goods and ensure their goods a safe

journey. This in combination with a wide range of inexpensive load securing products for different

transport modes, we are offering our customers a total solution within this field.


Right solution in right time

The transport and logistic sector is clearly a very dynamic area which requires that we as a total

solution provider of safety and securing products need follow the market demands closely and

have the right products and services always available.  Mega Fortris Group have multiple warehouses

and service point all over Europe and is serving our customers on short notice. Beside of a quick

service and turnaround time, we at Mega Fortris have ongoing product developments to be in the

forefront offering best solution for each and specific case.


What to use where, requires in many cases some assistance

Mega Fortris is offering a wide and deep product assortment to meet our customers demands but

due to the nature of this business we have found that this is imperative to have a well educated and

experienced staff that you as a customer can reach out to and discuss what is the right solution for

your specific needs. Please be welcome to reach out to our local offices in your area at any time to

discuss best solution for your valuable goods.


Most common used products, a glimpse

As you already have learned do Mega Fortris offer a wide assortment of products and solutions to

find the best possible solution for every need but we do see that some of our products are more

widely used and appreciated.  Please find further down a brief guidance of some of our products,

which you can learn more about when visiting our website under each product categorie:



We are offering our customers both paperbased and pp-woven dunnagebags in different sizes and

thicknesses depending on what loadcarriers they should be used into. Our dunnagebags is today

used in Seacontainers, Railwaywagoons, Vessels and also some times in Boxtrailers. Using

dunnagebags offering our customers a great flexibility in different load configurations and is widely

appreciated by staffs and handlingpersonal since it is time effective to use and a versatile ”problem

solver ”


Tie Down Ratchets:

Our Tie Down Ratchets is well recognized in the marketplace and used in many industries,

harbours and by stevedore companies securing there valuable products like Equipment,

Machines, Coils  etc.  We are having a wide range of different products within this

productgroup and many of them as stockitems for immediately supply. Tie Down Ratchets

are also used daily by forwarding companies on land in Truck, Trailers, Vans etc and is

normally being used multiple times / day with perfect endresult.


Edge Protectors

Edgeprotectors are essential products to have on hand to prevent goods being damaged. As

important it is to use certified lashingmaterial to the right job, it is important to protect the

shipped goods from risk of damage corners, edges and paintjobs from scratches and

breakage.  We are offering our customes a wide range of different solutions also here so

please reach out to us with questions if you can not find what you are looking for at our



We thank you for taking the time to read this blog from us and hope that you reach out to us

at any time for an open discussion what proposals and solutions we can offer you to meet

your specific need and product your valuable goods during transit, every time.