We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take supply chain security solutions from an idea all the way to the end consumer.

Secure your supply chain with Mega Fortris security seals

Security Seal Solutions

Introducing Biodegradable Security Seals

We are a major supplier for a broad range of industries. From the shipping and transport industry to manufacturing companies and governmental authorities. Our products are versatile and customizable to meet any type of needs.

We develop our products by fusing our knowledge of security systems, with defence departments and other government agencies, to create innovative solutions that ensures your security requirements are fully met.

Mega Fortris Europe also has regional production sites in UK and Hungary to ensure faster delivery times and closer proximity to our customers.

Securing Airlines & Airports

Within the Airline Industry, there are many applications to use a security seal solution.

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Security Seals for Pharmaceuticals

Securing the pharmaceuticals requires the use of highly tamper evident security solutions.

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Securing Financial Services

Mega Fortris assist the Cash and Transit Industry in transporting banknotes, coins, bulk cash, diamonds, non-personalised smart cards, non-personalised passports and other valuables in a safe manner.

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Securing the Retail Industry

Mega Fortris has various solutions for the retailing industry.

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Securing Food and Agriculture

We have a large range of food grade plastic security seals.

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Securing Chemical and Lubricants

The transportation and blending of lubricants and chemicals requires specialised services, which our customers are very capable of handling.

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Securing Postal and Courier Services

Mega Fortris supplies all major courier services and many local postal services worldwide.

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Securing the Shipping Industry

We supply six of the world’s top 10 biggest shipping lines.

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Securing your valuable goods during transit.

Cargo Securing Solutions

Mega Fortris are offering cost-effective load secure products to prevent and avoid accidents and cargo damage through the logistic chain.

Our products are produced in accordance with recognized Quality Standards like ISO 9001 and other management systems. They fulfil all international standards and regulations.

The Mega Fortris dedicated team will help you getting the right solution for your specific load application for different kinds of transport modes like road, sea, railway, air or a combination thereof.

From our local stock, we offer our customers timely deliveries all over Europe.

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