Tri-Colour Security Tape | Tamper Evident Tapes

Tri-Colour Security Tape | Tamper Evident Tapes

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Tamper Evident Tri-colour Security Tape

Self adhesive tape with an integral “hidden graphic” (VOID) security message. If an attempt is made to remove the tape, the previously hidden message is irreversibly revealed to alert the recipient of the bag that the contents may have been tampered with or removed in transit. The tapes consist of standard messages, but can also be custom printed.


Why use tamper evident security tape?
· Products are available directly from the manufacturer.
· Bespoke design service available to enhance level of authenticity and security.
· Good immediate tack to a wide range of bag films.
· Good resistance to attack by deep freeze spray and by hot air.
· Wide range of colours.
· Standard widths are 30 & 45mm – other widths available subject to minimum order quantity.
· Numerous formats available to give the best performance and maximum ease of use.