Prevent Cross-Border Cargo Thefts on European Roads

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Drivers and organisations operating on European roads have been the victims of organised criminal attacks and security incidents. Cargo theft, cargo damage, lost shipments and migrant break-ins are just a few of the risks faced by lorry drivers every day.  Cargo theft alone amounts to a multi-billion-euro annual loss to the transport sector. Drivers in all cases have been seriously affected both physically and psychologically.

One serious new threat faced by drivers is migrants forcefully boarding the Lorries in order to smuggle themselves across borders. In addition to this, Customs agencies are issuing large fines to the drivers per migrant found in the trailers or containers. This is also creating a financial loss to the organisations for damaged goods especially when transporting sensitive cargo, such as food and pharmaceutical goods.

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The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

TAPA and Cross-Border Research Association (CBRA) are aware of these issues. And are working together to develop a security toolkit, for fighting crime and terrorism on European roads.

While TAPA and CBRA develop the toolkit, Mega Fortris would like to assist with addressing the common issues of Cargo theft and migrants on European roads. With over 20 years’ experience on cargo security, we have prevented many attempts of cargo thefts for organisations across the world.

Logistics services are constantly challenged to reduce operating costs and therefore security budgets are the first place they look to make savings. This leads to the cheaper, lower quality security seals being purchased. While organisations race to lower operation costs and increase profits, they oversaw the risks they were creating for the drivers and the cargo.

The financial difference between a high-quality security seal and a low-quality seal may be a few dollars, pounds or euros. The cost of a trailer of high valued goods can be hundred thousand dollars, pounds or euros – or even more!

Mega Fortris have been approached by many logistics companies for expert advice, on how to improve their security process for securing cargo. Market research has found that 80% of all cases could have been prevented with a higher quality security seal.

Mega Fortris are always working on producing stronger and high quality security seals all at affordable prices. Some of our recent developments include the 2K Klicker Bolt seal, which prevents cloning with the two-colour ABS high impact plastic. We have also applied the same 2 colour technology to our mini cable lock premium range to create the 2K MCLP. Or we have our new cable seal Z Range, which provides excellent protection against tamper attacks. It has a locking mechanism that is protected against picking.

To help with the issues on the roads, we suggest the following security seal to be best suited for the security of your cargo.

MCLZ 500 Cable Seal

The introduction of Mega Fortris’ new MCLZ range of cable security seals is a major step towards improving the security of the global supply chain. The security value of this unique product is unmatched in the security seal industry, and will provide our many security-conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain security. No other cable security seal offers equally high tamper evidence features, excellent protection against tamper attacks and a locking mechanism that is protected against picking.

MCLZ cable Lock 500

MCLZ 500 Features:

  • Unique to the security seal industry, this 3rd generation cable security seal features a non-linear lock body design that prevents shim attacks. Shock-proof ABS is moulded over the zinc lock body providing clear signs of tampering and enables clear laser marking of permanent seal number, bar code and customer name or logo.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured in the lock body and is protected against tampering by a protruding wire guide. The non-linear insert hole features a locking mechanism design that offers unmatched protection against picking.
  • The lock body of the MCL 500 Z features a large print space for laser marking which provides the most tamper-resistant and tamper-indicating properties, as it cannot be altered without showing clear signs of tampering.


At Mega Fortris, we believe organisations can prevent more cargo thefts or illegal migrants boarding Lorries, with stronger and higher quality security seals. Increased spending on security operations can have a longer financial saving on lost, damaged or delayed arrival of cargo.

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